2020 California Cannabis Bill Round-Up

Due to coronavirus, what normally would have been a pretty robust legislative session in the California Assembly for new cannabis bills was generally underwhelming. The set-up is markedly different than the 2020 session, where there were over 30 cannabis-related bills. Nevertheless, here we are.

At this point, we have a handful of live bills that are not terribly mind-blowing or potentially impactful. In fact, there’s not even a gubernatorial budget trailer bill catch all this year, which normally would accomplish some major and much needed legal changes to and technical fixes to the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”).

With the shortened session at hand, the Assembly was hyper-focused on passing laws related to COVID-19, homelessness, and dealing with wildfires. Nonetheless, this post covers the more important California cannabis bills that passed as of August 31 and what you need to know about them (note that Governor Newsom still has time to veto those bills, too). I’ll also give an honorable mention to certain bills that stalled out (for better or worse).

AB 1525

This Assembly Bill addresses cannabis banking on the state level. The summary of the bill provides that:

any entity that receives

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