A Tale of Two Crises (Down and Out on the Downtown Eastside)

CANNABIS CULTURE – How the Cannabis Substitution Project adapts to serve Canada’s most notorious neighbourhood during COVID-19.

The following is a front-line report from CSP Director & Cannabis Culture advocate Neil Magnuson:

These are extraordinary circumstances for sure, with the measures being taken to address the spread of the latest version of the Corona virus, there is an eeriness and a very noticeable dampening of spirits on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. There are still a fair number of people on the sidewalks, unlike most other areas of the city. There are groups of people up and down Hastings St. in the usual spots, some people are closer than recommended but there is also more “spacing” than normal. Almost all businesses are closed, it’s really hard to find a washroom, there are alot fewer cars on the road and a lot fewer services available. These are strange times to be down and out in the Downtown EastSide. The authorities have installed several portable hand washing stations but the supplies are quickly stolen and the stations vandalized. The last few days there have been fire trucks driving up and down Hastings st. announcing the protocols over their speakers. So far

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