Advocacy Committee Presents Two Ballot Initiatives to Legalize Cannabis in Montana

A group in Montana took the first step this week toward getting a pair of initiatives aimed at legalizing marijuana on the state’s ballot in November.

New Approach Montana submitted two separate proposals to Montana’s secretary of state on Monday after spending the past year gathering input from voters throughout the state.

“We met with thousands of Montanans and tried to gather as many relevant opinions as possible,” said New Approach Montana political director Pepper Peterson said, as quoted by NBC Montana.

The group’s two-pronged approach to legalization includes an initiative that would legalize pot in Montana for adults aged 21 and older, while also creating a regulatory framework for cultivation and sales; the other proposal is a constitutional amendment that would allow the legal minimum age for marijuana consumption to be 21.

New Approach Montana says the complementary proposals will “replace the harmful policy of marijuana prohibition with a system to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana for adults 21 and older.”

“Through the passage of two 2020 ballot initiatives, we envision a Montana in which adults are no longer arrested for responsibly consuming marijuana and where tax proceeds from marijuana sales are invested in health care, education, infrastructure, and

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