American Firm Engineers Federally Legal Cannabis Strain

CANNABIS CULTURE – Cannabis America, a product described on the company’s website as “the world’s safest, cleanest, and most effective cannabis Sativa L genetics.” The company is Bazelet Oglesby and their 0.00% THC Hemp does not qualify as a Schedule 1 drug. 

Michael Elzufon is a director for Bazelet Oglesby and has worked for years in development. “We have a strong background in the genetics and the study of the molecular structure of cannabis Sativa L, and so that backdrop, that foundation that is rooted in science, helps develop this kind of an outcome.” He said in a recent interview with Cannabis Culture Magazine. 

Michael Elzufon – Bazelet Oglesby

According to Elzufon, in a regulatory sense Cannabis America is “the concord grape versus the Bordeaux grape.  They are both grapes, but one of them is sold in a grocery store and bought and sold on the commodity market, whereas the other is very strongly regulated, and for due reason as this is alcohol.  So similarly, Cannabis America introduces us to a whole new paradigm, a whole new way to look at cannabis, or a new way to utilize science-based outcomes

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