Cannabis Edibles Fly Off Shelves on First Day of Ontario Sales

Thursday was the first day of legal cannabis edibles sales in Ontario, and in some regions, it would appear that the public had been waiting. At some of the province’s brick and mortar dispensary locations as well as its government-run online store, edible products including cannabis-infused teas and candies sold with quickness. 

Edibles were legalized December 17, but stores had to wait weeks to receive their product deliveries. 

The government-run Ontario Cannabis Store — which administers product supply to the province’s dispensaries — reported that of the 70 government-approved products (21 edibles and 50 vaporizer products) it had up for sale in its online store. almost all were snapped up within a nearly alarming 15 minutes when they became officially available to customers at 9 a.m. on Thursday. 

An OCS representative told the press which product sold out last. Apparently, people weren’t as manic for a vanilla rooibos CBD tea that the company had in stock — relatively speaking. Supply of the brew, which was the only beverage product sold by the shop, was still liquidated later in the day. 

The OCS had similar issues appropriately stocking cannabis flower to consumers when it started hawking those products. 

The government’s online pot store

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