Cannabis Nurses: An Emerging Specialization And Vital Resource For Seniors

Cannabis can be a game-changer for older adults suffering from chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia. But with cannabis, finding the sweet spot that does the trick – that highly personal mix of delivery method, dosage and timing, can be too daunting for many older adults. Nurses who specialize in cannabis medicine are increasingly stepping in to help seniors navigate that path.

Eloise Theisen, a board-certified geriatric nurse practitioner based in Walnut Creek, California, has been helping older adults find relief with medical cannabis for over five years through her private practice, Radicle Health. A regular at the Rossmoor senior living community’s Medical Marijuana Club, Theisen is a trusted figure and caregiver for many of the members.

Theisen: With legalization here in California, many seniors go straight to the dispensaries, where the staff aren’t necessarily trained to understand the needs of an older adult. They also tend to be on a lot of pharmaceuticals, and no one’s really looking out for potential drug to drug interactions, considering how to get them off their pharmaceuticals when they start cannabis, and really guiding them. Often they will come out of a dispensary with a product that doesn’t work for them, and then they

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