CBD Cream: The Ultimate Guide

SPONSORED CONTENT – CBD cream has become a flagship staple for the booming industry.

As a product used by the old and young, athletes and regular people alike, CBD cream has started to replace a lot of traditional over-the-counter solutions, including the likes of not only other creams, but pain relievers like ibuprofen as well. However, as CBD is an industry that grew quickly, there are a lot of bad actors out there selling less than satisfactory products.

To give you a sense of knowledge over not only CBD cream, but how this industry came to be in general, we’ve decided to put together the ultimate guide on what to know. As a helpful base to ensure you’re headed in the right direction, we’ve also curated a few of our favorite products and brands celebrated by the experts. Check it out below:

Is CBD Legal?

The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp, which by extension, made CBD legal under the classification of being a diet supplement.

While people take CBD for a number of different reasons, it’s legal across all 50 states. Considering that CBD takes on many forms similar to marijuana such as smoking flower buds,

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