Celeb Moms Whose Cannabis Use May Help Them Handle It All

Being a mom means having to come up with a pretty big toolbox full of problem-solving skills, coping mechanisms, and self-care strategies. Everyone’s toolbox looks different, but for a growing number of moms cannabis takes up a slot. Since its legalization in many parts of the country, more and more moms are integrating marijuana into their self-care regimen, saying it helps them not only relax and deal with everything on their plates but also helps them be better parents.

Celebrities, while having a boatload of privilege the rest of us don’t, also have stressors us normal folks don’t have, like being trailed by paparazzi or dealing with hate from tons of anonymous internet trolls on the regular. So it should come as no surprise that moms from Megan Fox to Whoopi Goldberg need a way to unwind, switch off their anxiety, and enjoy the moment.

Though weed is riding a wave of popularity since it became legal in many states, cannabis is still seen as a rather unorthodox mom-tool. But after numerous scientific studies proving its effectiveness as therapy for a number of mental health disorders and for everyday stress as well, more and more moms are jumping on the

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