Commander-in-Cannabis: How Will Trump and Biden Approach Marijuana Policy?

The dust has finally settled in the 2020 Democratic primary. A contest that once had over 20 candidates—including two different mayors of New York City—effectively ended April 8, when Bernie Sanders announced he was suspending his campaign. Five days later, Sanders endorsed former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, now the presumptive Democratic nominee for November’s election.

For better or worse, the presidential race is down to Trump vs. Biden. What does this mean for the future of cannabis, and how will that affect the election? Where does the coronavirus fit into the picture?

We spoke to industry experts and influencers to get their predictions on cannabis’ role in what may be the most important election in a generation.    

Between a Demagogue and a Hard Place  

First, to state the obvious: This isn’t a great outcome for marijuana advocates. Of the major candidates in the Democratic race, Biden was the only besides Michael Bloomberg not to support the removal of cannabis from the DEA’s list of controlled substances. As recently as November 2019, Biden questioned whether marijuana was a gateway drug—though he has since denied believing that myth.

As for Trump, his wishy-washy views on cannabis have been well-documented over

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