CT Judiciary Committee Holds Public Hearing on Potential Adult-Use Cannabis

In Connecticut, lawmakers are considering legislation that would regulate adult use cannabis for those 21 years and older. On Monday morning, a judiciary committee public hearing was held so that concerned citizens could weigh in on the potential historic law. 

Not everyone who showed out was in favor of legalizing marijuana. Ken Walch, an activist with Coalition for a Better Wallington, broke down while speaking of his concern that using marijuana leads to harder drug abuse. Walch’s 21 year old stepdaughter Taylor died of substance abuse. 


“If you do it Taylor would be looking down shedding a tear for all of us,” he said

Some lawmakers took a practical approach to the issue of cannabis legalization. 

“No one is here advocating for the use of cannabis, that’s not what this is about,” said Representative Steve Stafstrom. This is about saying it is here. It is at our doorsteps. It’s on our streets. How should we as a state regulate that substance?”

Others have spoken out about how marijuana legalization relates to human rights issues. Notably, the state’s Governor Ned Lamont used his State of the State address to talk about the importance of removing cannabis prohibition. His

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