Cultivation Manager – Bickel Consulting – Earth City, MO

Job Description: Cultivation Manager

Location Lakefront Missouri Cultivation Facility
Job Status Full Time
Pay Grade Commensurate with Experience
Direct Supervisor Director of Cultivation

Job Requirements:

  • 2+ years experience with management of staff and facilities operations in agricultural or similar professional field.
  • 2+ years experience working in a regulated cannabis cultivation facility

(management preferred, but not required if management experience was gained in another profession.)

  • Associates degree or higher in horticulture or plant and soil sciences preferred.
  • Full knowledge of all applicable laws, regulations, and requirements to keep the facility at 100% compliance at all times, this includes being up to date on any changes to current applicable laws/regulations.
  • Detailed knowledge of indoor hydroponic cultivation practices, life cycle of cannabis, the common pests of cannabis and compliant pest treatment/prevention options in accordance with local and state laws and regulations and any EPA regulations.
  • Detailed knowledge of cannabis strains used in production, their growth habits, potential yields and potencies.
  • Current holder or ability to obtain a Private Pesticide Applicator license.
  • Exceptional organizational and communication skills.
  • Knowledge of mechanics and basic function of irrigation, and all climate control systems used throughout the facility (lighting, HVAC, CO2, etc.)
  • Acute attention to detail and decisive reasoning skills.
  • Ability to manage and oversee all staff while performing other tasks.
  • Responsible for data analysis of all cultivation data, and purchasing and tracking costs of required materials for use in cultivation.
  • Must be able to qualify as a registered grower agent with the Commission and may not have any violent or drug related felony convictions.

Basic Outline:
Responsible for overseeing all day to day operations throughout the cultivation facility to ensure full compliance and production demands are met. Reports directly to and follows any instruction from the Director of Cultivation. Must ensure the proper use and function of all climate control, irrigation, lighting and any other systems used in cultivation, to provide a constant supply of clean and potent cannabis. Required to create and adhere to a harvest/production schedule and

coordinate all events with cultivation, trim, and packaging staff as needed. Must read and understand all current cultivation SOP’s and follow accordingly for all aspects of cultivation. Train, oversee, and properly educate of all cultivation staff in accordance with current SOP’s. Will delegate tasks to team leads and supervisors for daily labor operations, and ensure all tasks are being performed efficiently, correctly, and in accordance with all current cultivation SOP’s. Responsible for maintaining full compliance throughout the cultivation facility and keeping up to date with any changes to applicable laws and regulations.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee and manage all day to day activities of cultivation staff to required to keep the facility clean, compliant, and operating at high efficiency in order to provide a steady, uninterrupted supply of clean and potent cannabis. o All areas of cultivation facility are kept clean. o Staff is performing tasks in compliance with the law and in accordance with SOP’s. o Work duties are done efficiently and with attention to detail.
  • Train cultivation management and labor staff on required job duties. o All cultivation staff is aware of their duties and responsibilities. o Train staff in relation to all applicable cultivation SOP’s. o Train staff in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. o Oversee the process of training, and employee development to determine whether staff needs further training.
  • Create and adhere to a production/harvest schedule. o Follow details set forth in SOP’s. o Create cloning lists for future harvest batches based on the performance of each strain, and demands of the dispensary or any wholesale clientele. o Coordinate all tasks and events with cultivation, trim, and packaging staff. o Ensure all tasks are completed effectively and in a timely manner, as to not disrupt the schedule. o Manage and coordinate any changes made to the production schedule with cultivation, trim, and packaging staff.
  • Daily assessments of plant growth. o Monitor all phases of plant growth by performing daily walk-throughs and scouting operations in all cultivation areas. o Ensure all plants are being fed with the irrigation system adequately for maximum growth rates.

§ Oversee the mixing of stock nutrient solutions.
§ Determine overall feed volumes for each cultivation area for each day based on feed schedule, and feed volume charts.
§ Monitor all parts of the irrigation system for any leaks, clogs, damage, or malfunctions.

o Check for proper rate of nutrient uptake in accordance with current feed schedules, and make any changes needed.

§ Adjust the nutrient formula to mitigate any signs of nutrient deficiency or toxicity.

§ Raise or lower the feed volumes to prevent over/under watering, and excessive run off. o Scouting for any signs of pests pest damage or infestation, and creating a plan to mitigate pests in accordance with the IPM plan.

§ Proper identification of pests.
§ Compliant and safe usage and handling of any pesticides needed for treatments.
§ Create spray mixtures, and application dates for any treatments.
§ Monitor effectiveness of treatments, and the need for further applications. o Detailed scouting for any signs of plant stress related to abiotic disease such as, light burn, wilting, overwatering, overfeeding, nutrient deficiency, environmental stress (hot, cold, humid, dry, etc.)

§ Make adequate changes to environmental settings, feed schedules, and feed volumes to adjust in relation to any stress or undesirable growth rates to prevent crop damage. o Daily assessments of gardening needs.
§ Ensure All pruning and topping procedures are being performed properly and in a timely fashion.
§ Confirm trellising and staking done regularly in accordance with SOP’s.
§ Determine and implement any changes to the current pruning, topping, and trellising guidelines necessary for optimal plant growth.

  • Daily assessments of environmental control systems and proper climate conditions in all areas of cultivation. o Constant monitoring of climate control system function, and immediately deal with any changes or problems. o Check the climate monitoring systems from the previous days to check for any undesirable deviations from desired conditions. o Adhere to air filter replacement schedule and monitor all air filters to ensure proper function and the need for more frequent replacements. o Monitor lighting systems and immediately replace any bulbs or fixtures that have burned out or are malfunctioning. o Check all CO2 tanks and lines to determine if there are any leaks, and that the tanks are properly filled to meet the demands of the facility.
  • Data Analysis. o Analyze all data from previous harvest batches to check for any discrepancies during the growth.

o Determine the total yields of each harvest batch, and yields for each individual strain used for that batch. o Catalogue the output of each strain for each harvest batch, and compare to subsequent harvest batches to determine the best strains to use for optimal yields and potency values for future batches. o Create accurate and reliable harvest estimates based on prior harvest data.

  • Staffing and management of employee performance. o Hiring of new employees.

§ Employees are qualified for the position.
§ Provided with and trained on any employee handbooks or procedural materials set forth by the company.
§ Employees have full understanding of the job requirements, and hours they will need to work. o Assessments of employee performance and development.

§ Employees are properly trained relevant to their position and performing duties adequately.

§ Proper reaction and disciplinary action for any insubordinate or delinquent employees in coordination with Human
Resource Manager.

§ Develop a positive attitude among employees and exhibit good leadership qualities to properly motivate employees.

§ Annual recommendations for pay increases and/or job promotions based on performance assessments. o Scheduling of employees.

Additional Duties/Requirements

  • Must perform any labor tasks for cultivation as needed if employees are absent, or behind schedule.
  • Ability to provide positive leadership and foster a climate of team building, support, learning, and inclusivity.
  • Must be able to use or learn any computer software programs required for cultivation (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and any programs needed to run and monitor the climate control and fertigation systems).
  • Assist employees and managers in the trim, packaging, processing, or dispensary operations in any way that will improve overall performance of the business. (Not responsible for labor related tasks in any department outside of cultivation).
  • Remain up to date on continuing education, and new or emerging technologies that may help to better increase to output or efficiency of the cultivation facility.
  • Maintain detailed expense reports for all materials purchased in each month of operation.
  • Ordering/purchasing of any and all products needed for future operations.
  • Knowledge of or ability to learn and use Metrc (inventory management program).

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $70,000.00 per year


  • 8 hour shift
  • On call
  • Weekends

Ability to Commute/Relocate:

  • Earth City, MO (Preferred)

Work Remotely:

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