Death by Cannabis in Louisiana? We Don’t Think So.

News outlets have been running a story lately about a woman who purportedly died on February 19 from inhaling marijuana in LaPlace, Louisiana. The cause of death was determined by St. John the Baptist Parish coroner, Dr. Christy Montegut.

The report has understandably been met with a great deal of skepticism and even outrage. If there’s one thing that every cannabis reform advocate knows, it’s that no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose.

So, what really happened in Louisiana?

The Deceased

According to Montegut, the woman in question, who was 39 and has yet to be identified, was found dead on her couch in her apartment.

“I knew this was very unusual,” he told 4WWL’s Jacquelin Quinn. “I was expecting maybe elevated levels of alcohol or maybe some other drug.”

In the autopsy, “The only thing we found was an elevated level of THC,” he said. The women’s boyfriend said she used a vape pen. Since the vape pen wasn’t recovered, Montegut searched the web and found that the oils used in pens are often as high as 80% THC.

“For marijuana to show up positive on a toxicology test, the level has to be greater than

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