Democratic Debate In South Carolina: Huge Mess, No Winners

Tuesday night’s Democratic debate hosted by CBS in Charleston, SC was, by any objective standard, a huge mess and the worst debate of this election cycle. Possibly the worst debate of the twenty-first century. The moderation could be most charitably described as “absent” and moderators Gail King and Norah O’Donnell have been roundly criticized on social media for silly questions and allowing the candidates to continually speak over one another. It’s a bit puzzling how a major network could screw up what was likely the most important debate for the majority of the candidates—last week’s debate in Nevada drew more viewers than any debate in television history and it’s inconceivable that CBS wouldn’t be aware of how many eyes were watching, yet within the first fifteen minutes things had already begun to spiral out of control. 

All the action seemed to excite the crowd into a frenzy and there was plenty of hooting and hollering from the audience, so much so that it became impossible to discern if they were booing the comment a candidate was currently making, or the comment to which they were responding, or just the candidate themselves.

Bloomberg, Sanders, Biden, and Steyer

Mike Bloomberg seemed to

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