Denver Mayor Urges Cities to Protect Immigrants in Legal Weed Industry

After federal agents denied citizenship to two immigrants who worked in the legal marijuana industry, the mayor of Denver, Colorado is speaking out.

In a new letter addressed to mayors of pro-cannabis cities around the country, Mayor Michael B. Hancock called on local governments to protect immigrants from federal prosecution.

Mayor Hancock Speaks Out

Last week, Hancock sent a letter to mayors around the country who are part of the Government for Responsible U.S. Cannabis Policy Coalition. Specifically, he sent the letter to the mayors of:

Oakland, CA West Hollywood, CA Portland, OR San Francisco, CA Thornton, CO Everett, WA Seattle, WA

In the letter, he spoke out against the recent decision by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to deny citizenship to two immigrants who worked in Colorado’s legal marijuana industry.

Hancock also called on mayors in the coalition to protect immigrants who work or have worked in the legal cannabis industry.

The letter comes in the wake of a controversial decision by USCIS. The agency, which oversees the naturalization process, recently denied citizenship to two legal immigrants who live in Denver.

In both instances, USCIS agents based their decision solely on the fact that the immigrants had at

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