Despite Policy Change, Major League Baseball Warns Players Against Using Pot

Major League Baseball unveiled a groundbreaking policy late last year, removing marijuana from its list of banned substances in favor of stricter testing on more dangerous drugs like opioids. 

But if players thought it was suddenly safe to get high after a grueling, extra innings game, the league office issued a warning last week: think again.


In a memo reported on by ESPN, deputy commissioner Dan Halem said that MLB may still take disciplinary action against players who run afoul of marijuana laws. Halem handed down other warnings — including one that effectively rules out a clubhouse toke during the seventh inning stretch.

Any player or member of the team “appear under the influence of marijuana or any other cannabinoid during any of the Club’s games, practices, workouts, meetings or otherwise during the course and within the scope of their employment” will face an evaluation for treatment, according to Halem’s memo, as reported by ESPN. 

In addition, the memo also said that the league is sorting out rules over players’ involvement in the burgeoning cannabis industry, warning that “until such guidance is issued, any such investments or commercial arrangements are still considered to be prohibited in accordance

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