Everything Peter MacKay Believes About Cannabis Is Wrong

CANNABIS CULTURE –  “In wise hands poison is medicine. In foolish hands medicine is poison.” – Casanova

In an interview in the Kelowna Daily Courier, potential leader of the Progressive Conservative Party Peter MacKay repeated all the standard myths about cannabis.


David Malmo-Levine decided to fact check him. Here are MacKay’s myth-infused, stigma-foisting quotes (in bold) with actual reality evidence-based true facts immediately below the quotes.

“It (cannabis) should have been de-criminalized and that’s where our government was heading on the advice of the Canadian Police Association and chiefs of police. Bringing in a phased-way with decriminalization would have been far preferable.

First off, police make terrible doctors, and understand nothing – zero – about herbal medicine. Secondly, the police have a vested interest in perpetuating their persecution-of-the-harmless budgets, and for that reason should never have a say in crafting laws in general, and drug laws in particular. Finally, “decriminalization” has been tried all over the world – most using models that replaced criminal penalties with non-criminal penalties – and such punishment-strewn models have little to show for them other than being a more streamlined way of punishing harmless people and “widening the net” to allow the police to

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