Federal Court: California Must Share Cannabis Licensee Records with Feds

In an inevitable conclusion, the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”) and Department of Justice (“DOJ”) won their federal court case against the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (“BCC”) pursuant to which the BCC must now comply with a recent DEA subpoena regarding alleged criminal activity by certain state-licensed distributors hailing out of (what’s probably) San Diego (based on the court filings). Namely, it sounds like certain Southern California licensed distributors are (allegedly) moving cannabis oil out of Mexico into California.

This summer, the DOJ and the DEA sued the BCC because the BCC refused to comply with a DEA subpoena about the alleged extracurricular drug trafficking above. The DOJ’s July 20th court petition filing  states that the DEA and the DOJ are seeking specific information from the BCC about six “entities” (which really means three corporations and each corporation’s “presumed owner”) that hold BCC licenses where the feds are conducting a criminal investigation (for violations of the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”)). The BCC has refused to provide that information to the DEA.

At the end of last year, the DEA served an administrative subpoena on the BCC (which it later withdrew and then re-issued an identical subpoena in January of

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