Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas Boston In Cannabis Corruption Investigation

A federal grand jury has subpoenaed the City of Boston for records in a continuing investigation into possible corruption in Massachusetts’ fledgling cannabis industry. The action makes Boston the latest in a series of municipalities that are being investigated by the office of U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling.

The Boston Globe reports that the subpoena, a copy of which it has obtained, is similar to those issued to dozens of cities and towns in Massachusetts by Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Grady, a prosecutor in Lelling’s anti-corruption unit. At issue are the “host community agreements” that cannabis companies must reach with the municipalities in which they wish to operate. Such agreements must be signed before state regulators issue an operating license to cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors.

The subpoena was issued to the City of Boston on Monday and requires the city to submit records including “copies of host community agreements, including unsigned early drafts; all communications between marijuana companies and Boston officials, plus e-mails and other communications among city employees regarding the agreements; records indicating community support or opposition to proposals for marijuana facilities; and records regarding current and former Boston employees or officials attempting to win local marijuana permits

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