Federal Judge Sides With Cannabis Grower in Free Speech Case

A federal judge has ruled that a New Mexico medical cannabis cultivator’s rights were violated when tight restrictions were imposed on its state fair application. United States District Court Judge James Parker said in a ruling released last week that Expo New Mexico, the venue for the state fair, violated the First Amendment rights of Ultra Health Inc. by placing unreasonable limits on the items the company could display in its booth at the state fair.

“The State Fair’s restrictions … as applied to Ultra Health’s 2017 State Fair application were unreasonable in light of the purpose of the forum and the surrounding circumstances and therefore violated Ultra Health’s First Amendment right to free speech,” Judge Parker stated in his ruling, according to a press release from the company.

Duke Rodriguez, the CEO for Ultra Health, said that that the court’s ruling “is a clear victory for cannabis advocates in New Mexico and across the nation. Judge Parker’s recognition that medical cannabis producers’ free speech should be protected is a first-of-its-kind ruling defending the right to fully educate and inform the public on the benefits of cannabis.”

Ultra Health had applied for a booth at the 2017 New Mexico State Fair in order to share information with the

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