Fire Season is Coming

Summer’s here, a massive heatwave just hit the west coast, and fire season is right around the corner. This is the harsh reality for west coast residents and it doesn’t look like that’ll change anytime soon. Wildfires have a severe impact on entire communities and everyone can be impacted. But there are some unique issues for cannabis businesses that I’ll get into in this post.

First off, cannabis businesses are unlike many other businesses because they are siloed in specific locations and have many regulatory restrictions concerning moving goods in the event of a natural disaster such as a fire. Fortunately, many states’ regulators had the foresight to include provisions for relief from regulatory requirements in some cases when natural disasters strike. You can check out our posts on Oregon and California to read more about their respective regulations, which I won’t rehash here.

Second, cannabis businesses are very susceptible to damage as a result of fires. Outdoor cultivators are usually hit the hardest–even when fires don’t damage their crops, smoke and other particulate matter (even from seemingly far-off fires) can destroy outdoor crops. I saw a lot of examples of this happening last year. So even when fires may

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