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When he isn’t working at a butcher shop processing meat in Chicago, Benjamin Johnson can be found in Montana, wearing a black chef’s jacket with green lining as he cooks up batches of edible cannabis products for Glacier Green Cross.

Co-owner Wayne Bennett likes to joke that Johnson is his “mad scientist,” although Johnson takes a more measured approach to his work in the kitchen, saying that it comes down to some of the same fundamentals he learned in cooking school, and that putting good quality ingredients in at the start leads to a quality finished product.  

What that finished product should be, and who it’s for, continues to be something that local dispensaries puzzle over as the county enters its second full week of recreational marijuana sales.

For Glacier Green Cross, the range of edible cannabis products is wide, and Bennett said they’re trying to get outside the box with their offerings. There are gummies, and hard candies, and also things like coffee beans roasted and tossed in a THC-infused oil, a dry rub Johnson made using actual marijuana flower, sugar cookies and huckleberry oatmeal cookies.

 “My mind always goes to what has fat, what can I infuse

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