Former Deroche marijuana-dispensary owner has appeal dismissed against 2015 conviction – Agassiz Harrison Observer – Agassiz Harrison Observer

A Mission man had his appeal dismissed against a 2015 conviction for unlawful sale of cannabis out of his medical marijuana dispensary in Deroche.

The Mission RCMP busted Bob Woolsey’s “compassion club,” following the sale of marijuana to undercover officers who did not present medical cards on numerous occasions. He was sentenced in April, 2018 to time served, and given a $250 fine for each of the five counts.

Woolsey, who represented himself at trial, immediately said he would appeal the decision after he was convicted on the basis of entrapment and abuse of process, calling the charges, “frivolous – absolutely frivolous.”

Later that year, recreational sale and use of cannabis would be legalized.

For his appeal, Woosley submitted the judge failed to properly warn him of the legal disadvantages in dismissing his lawyer before the trial began, failed to inquire into the circumstances, failed to aid him when he showed confusion about the process, and failed to recommend he apply for a judicial stay when the trail exceeded a reasonable time.

“The onus on a trial judge to assist a self-represented accused is a heavy one, rooted in concerns with trial fairness and not with the ultimate verdict,” Justice

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