Give Me Liberty, Give Me Hemp! (Masks as Sustainable Fashion Statement)

CANNABIS CULTURE – Masks are part of life now. And they will be for the foreseeable future. In public spaces, on transit, at the grocery store, every where outside of our isolation bubbles. 

It’s a faceless reality. 

Disposable masks are too uniform, without personality. And even worse, careless people litter them in the street. The trash pile is gross, and so with a better option available, I choose these. 

Liberty Hemp recently dropped their new line of face masks into our Headshop.

These masks are reusable, re-washable, reversible, and made from a blend of hemp and organic cotton.

Liberty masks are fashionable too. They have a rainbow of colors available, my favorite being the black on black or the Tofino with Navy.  

Personally I love these masks. Not just because they look great, but they are a sustainable  solution to a serious problem we all face. 

Hemp is a super-fast growing plant meaning it is a more sustainable alternative to other mass produced fibres such as cotton or synthetics like polyester

Plus hemp fibres are innately antimicrobial which is a major plus in the pandemic reality we all face. AND the hemp is sourced right here in Canada. 

Not only

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