Governor of Nebraska Publicly Condemns Medical Cannabis During Press Conference

Should Nebraska voters approve a measure legalizing medical marijuana this year, be prepared for workers in the Cornhusker State to clock in before they’ve come down.

That was the warning issued Monday by the state’s Republican governor, Pete Ricketts. At a press conference, Ricketts dismissed the legitimacy of cannabis as a medical treatment, and warned that legalizing it—something more than 30 other states have already done—could have dire consequences for Nebraska. 

“There is no such thing as medical marijuana,” Ricketts, currently serving his second term as governor, said at the press conference. “This is not something that should be prescribed by a doctor. It’s not something we distribute through a pharmacy, right? These are dispensaries that will be in your communities, and we have seen the effect in other states when they do this, people show up to work stoned, and that puts him at greater risk for accidents on the job.”

Plenty in the medical community—not to mention scores of patients suffering from cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder, among other conditions—would strongly disagree with Ricketts’ assessment. 

“We know that this has a huge impact on children, their

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