Hiking While High: A Match Made in Heaven?

Prettymuch any physical activity can be enhanced with a good batch of bud. Not onlyin terms of enjoyment, but by enhancing the physiological and psychologicalbenefits of getting active. Science has confirmed weed’s capacity to maximisethe benefits of exercise, creating the perfect excuse to combine the two.

Hikingis no exception to the rule, being one of the most rejuvenating and generallyfulfilling forms of exercise. Particularly if you stray off the grid for aleast a few hours, where wasting time on Snapchat and Instagram simply isn’t anoption. It’s just you, those you’ve brought along for the ride and yourglorious surroundings.

…and ahefty bag of dank to spice things up a bit.

Why Hike While High?

Whenyou think about it, hiking while high is a no-brainer. Getting out into theopen countryside represents the ultimate all-round sensory experience.Theunique sights, sounds, smells and sensations of being one with nature. Whetheryou’re out for a few hours or planning a few days in the wilderness, it’sinspirational and emotive in the extreme.

Giventhat cannabis can fire-up all five of the senses, why wouldn’t you take some along for the ride?

Just afew hits of a thought-provoking cannabis strain in the right setting can beborderline life-changing. Likewise, unwinding after a

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