How Chef Nikki Steward Became The Go-To For Celebrity Cannabis Dinners

Dave Chappelle’s favorite caterer shares a recipe for an extra chill group hang.

To be clear, Chef Nikki Steward is not just a weed chef. The esteemed chef toured with DJ Khaled, cooking for him, the crew, and select attendees from her custom food truck that traveled via semi from city to city. She’s called upon for special campaigns, even more special green room spreads and craft services for major players across the entertainment industry. But damn, if this pharmaceutical student-turned-culinary maestro isn’t destined to cook infused food that tastes very, very good.

I was able to catch the Ohio native in between shifts feeding everyone in attendance at Dave Chappelle’s Summer Camp to learn more about her origins and how she became the chef to call on when you need a perfectly dosed spread for 200+ people. Plus, she shares a recipe for a sweet treat you can bring to the next backyard smoke sesh.

– Read the entire article at Thrillist.

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