How Does CBD Interact with Prescription Meds?

A brief disclaimer to begin with – combining CBD with prescription medicine of any kind without first consulting with a doctor is a bad idea. Every human body reacts differently to meds of all shapes and sizes, so it’s best not to take things for granted.

Worldwide, the popularity of CBD products is accelerating like never before.  Growing demand is being met by an expanding market of weird and wonderful preparations, which in some cases are proving enormously effective.

However, it’s become clear that a growing audience of CBD users are combining their CBD products with existing medications – prescription drugs and OTC meds alike. All of which is raising questions regarding the potential for CBD to interact in a negative way with their other meds.

What Are Drug Interactions?

A drug interaction occurs when one or more drugs has an impact on the safety or effectiveness of any other drug. In some instances, taking one drug at the same time as another can lead to the effectiveness of one or both medications being compromised. In others, combining drugs can have dangerous or even deadly consequences.

With CBD, caution is often thrown to the wind as it is a

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