How Mainstream Media (Still) Pushes Reefer Madness

CANNABIS CULTURE – Yesterday’s headlines today. 

The shifting algorithmic sands of the digi-verse are ever complicated by legacy media’s selective presentation of studies and events to fit the narrative desires of advertisers and power brokers. Cannabis — despite “legalization” — remains amongst mainstream media’s most maligned targets.

Editorial focus on negative impacts and derision of benefits is a smoke screen mobilized to attack the plant and those who use it.

The “big lie” goes on (and on and on and on…)

On June 22nd, 2021, The National Institute on Drug Abuse and National Institutes of Health published “Associations of Suicidality Trends With Cannabis Use as a Function of Sex and Depression Status”, the first study ever to examine the link between daily cannabis use and depression in young adults.

This argument is not an entirely new concept, for decades, cannabis has been linked to psychosis and mental health issues through DARE campaigns in schools, op-eds, and late night news. However, cannabis causing anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia is more of a fear-mongering manipulation tactic than rooted in science.

The study was done with intentions for improving public health, however, mainstream media unsurprisingly misconstrued the findings and further stigmatized cannabis

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