How to Break Into the Cannabis Biz (And the Salaries to Expect)

Ifcannabis is your life, your love and everything you live for, why not considera cannabiscareer?

Imagineit – spending your working days surrounded by top-shelf budand getting paid for the privilege. Not to mention, making your mark on the nationaland international cannabis culture.

Toogood to be true?  Not necessarily – youjust need to know where to look and how to get your foot in the door.

Breaking Into the Industry

Truthis, landing an entry-level job in the cannabis industry isn’t as difficult asyou might expect. Just for the record, we’re assuming you’re considering acareer in a North American state where cannabis has been legalised. Elsewhere,it’s an entirely different story…you can pretty much forget it.

Wherethere’s a booming cannabis industry, there’s a constant call for talented andenthusiastic newcomers. If you’re serious about making your mark, breaking intothe industry means committing yourself to the following:

1.Search intensively and continuously

The jobof your dreams isn’t going to fall into your lap out of thin air. Not onlythis, but the best jobs that come up disappear almost instantly. If you want toland a decent job, you need to keep your eyes peeled on a continuousbasis.  There are plenty of onlinerecruitment sites, staffing agencies and job boards

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