How to Choose a Seed Bank: Important Things to Keep in Mind

Anyone with the intention of growing cannabis at home should take cannabis seeds seriously. Whether on the market for fast-action autoflowering seeds, feminized cannabis seeds or considering experimenting with cross-breeding for the first time, quality counts.

The key to growing outstanding cannabis and getting the best possible return on your investment lies in starting out with the genetics. There may be hundreds of seed banks competing for the spotlight worldwide, but not all are performing to the same high quality standard.

But what is it that separates the best in the business from their counterparts?  Why is it that some seed banks like The Vault (currently number-one on Google) continually outperform the competition?

Personal preference plays a role when selecting seeds, but quality should always be prioritised. As should the following characteristics of a cannabis seed bank you can trust:

Strain Selection

First up, it’s a mark of a good seed bank to carry an extensive range of specimens from all over the world. Quantity shouldn’t take precedence over quality – it’s a case of striking the right balance between the two. If you plan on getting into cannabis cultivation at home, chances are you’ll want to experiment with

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