Huge 4/20 Lines at Some SF Pot Dispensaries, Others Have No Lines At All – SFist

Long wait times at some large dispensaries, no wait at others, but all shops are breathing a sigh of relief over the Chauvin verdict.

The cancelled 4/20 at Hippie Hill (and SFist popped by, there’s nothing but police and fences) was not going to cancel the marijuana smoking plans of San Francisco cannabis enthusiasts. And lo and behold they are lined up at dispensaries across town for this storied stoner holiday, though oddly, some shops have dozens and dozens in line, yet their nearby competitors have no lines at all. But one common thread among dispensaries on the 4/20 is relief over the guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, likely eliminating the risk of unrest in the streets and the looting specific to cannabis dispensaries that we saw last May and June.  

Savvy pot shoppers can normally whack down their weed wait time by ordering in advance and doing curbside pickup.  But that didn’t even work today at the Mission and 21st St. dispensary Purple Star, where both walk-in and advance order customers were in lines at least a dozen long. And no, neither of those lines is for the El Techo roof, as El Techo does not open til

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