Illinois Makes Plans to Make Cannabis Industry Inclusive

Illinois has been making major headlines in the cannabis sector, as some groups cry out that the plans for granting new business licenses are not inclusive enough of minorities, and that the lottery system for choosing new businesses license holders is unfair. 

Now, after analyzing the current systems that are in place, the state has announced they will be taking even more steps to insure equity.

The new proposed steps, approved by Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, will make sure that applicants who were initially left out will receive extra deficiency notice and a score sheet to explain exactly why they got low scores when they applied for licenses. They can then reach out with a response amending their application and asking for a rescore if they believe there was some kind of error. They will also be able to submit extra information to clarify anything that was unclear, or keep their initial score. 

All these responses will then be reviewed again, and it will be determined whether or not any new licenses will be granted via a new lottery for conditional licenses. There will be detailed instructions that let applicants know about

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