Indian Country Remains Split on Cannabis While Hemp Poses Promise

Cannabis is a plant that represents an opportunity for some…but pain for other various members of Indian Country and its roughly 573 nations. An opportunity exists in the form of hemp at this time. However, different tribal nations have gotten involved in legal marijuana despite being shut out of state-approved marketplaces. 

In other cases, nations have no interest in getting involved with the plant or its markets. Be it generational abstention, or a history of addiction and oppression, many want nothing to do with cannabis. In either case, many of the 5.6 million Native Americans today still see the plant as something that brings problems and destruction to lives and families. 

While education efforts are underway to repair the narrative, doing so for a people often isolated from the rest of the public proves to be a difficult undertaking.

A History of Pain Curtails Cannabis Optimism 

Just as any country would, not every Indian Country nation agrees on what to do with cannabis. “You’re getting all different walks of life, perspectives, and different views,” said Blue Quisquis, a cannabis and gaming consultant, and a member of San Diego’s San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians.

In some cases, such views began

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