Indonesia Takes Away “Medical Plant” Designation for Cannabis

Indonesia made a splash when a decree from earlier this year declaring cannabis a “medical plant” in the eyes of the government officially got on the public’s radar. Now, the Agricultural Ministry in Indonesia is revising this decree, as cannabis is still illegal in Indonesia with no legalization in sight. 

The proclamation originally went viral via an Instagram post from the Nusantara Marijuana Network (LGN), a group that fights for cannabis legalization and advocacy in Indonesia. According to this degree, cannabis has been considered a medical plant since 2006 by the federal government; this just hasn’t necessarily been public knowledge.

“The decree will be revised soon, after we coordinate with the National Narcotics Agency [BNN], the Health Ministry and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences [LIPI],” the ministry’s vegetable and medicinal plant director, Tommy Nugraha, said in a statement on Saturday. “Marijuana’s inclusion on the medicinal plant list means that it can only be used for research, as stipulated in Article 67 of Law No. 13/2020 on horticulture. Currently, we record no legal marijuana farmers in Indonesia.”

Thus, the “medical plant” designation is very ironic, considering the strict laws against cannabis Indonesia still clings to and doesn’t show signs of giving

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