'It’s Christmas': Salinas dispensaries celebrate April 20 – KSBW Monterey

April 20, or simply 420, is called the unofficial holiday for weed, it’s also referred to as the Black Friday for cannabis dispensaries and users.The date is usually celebrated with large smoke outs on the UCSC campus and Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, but the COVID-19 pandemic snuffed out those events. However, many were still in the celebratory mood.“Cannabis is a medicine for a lot of people throughout the whole community and especially like a day like 420 where it’s celebrated the cannabis can all come together and not get judged and not get singled out as someone in a negative light,” said Anthony Villarreal, a cannabis user and vendor for Pure Xtracts.And many users flocked to their favorite dispensary to pick up their marijuana goodies.“It’s Christmas,” said Margarita Vargas, general manager at East of Eden dispensary in Salinas.The day offering cannabis consumers some of the best marijuana deals of the year, making it one of the most profitable days for retailers.“It’s the day that we’re able to do a little more deals vendors like to get together we do a little more BOGO’s (buy one get one free) we have like 20 virtual demos going on today

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