Jay-Z, Meek Mill, and Three Sports Team Owners Launch Prison-Reform Alliance

In a press conference today, rappers Jay-Z and Meek Mill announced they are teaming up with a number of professional sports team owners and other business leaders to start a new organization aimed at overhauling the U.S.’s probation and parole system.

In so doing, the group joins a growing movement to change the nation’s criminal legal system. Much of this movement is aimed at addressing the racial disparities embedded in the legal system. Additionally, the movement also carries potentially big implications for how the nation approaches drug laws.

Jay-Z and Meek Mill Announce the Reform Alliance

Today’s announcement came during a press conference held at the John Jay College in New York City. As explained during the event, Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, and Nets co-owner Clara Wu Tsai have joined forces to launch the Reform Alliance. Additionally, the organization also includes a number of other leading business executives as investors and board members.

The goal of the Reform Alliance is to push for change to the nation’s probation and parole system. Most immediately, the group’s first big goal is to get at least 1 million people off of probation and parole. They hope to accomplish

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