Last of 40 Cannabis Dispensary Licenses Slated for Texarkana, Garland County – Arkansas Business Online

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The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission changed rules Thursday to clear the way to granting the state’s last two dispensary licenses to enterprises in Garland County and Texarkana.

The state’s 39th and 40th dispensaries will be Green Remedies Group, which will install a Garland County store, and T&C Management, which will operate in Texarkana.

A voter-approved 2016 constitutional change legalizing medicinal cannabis allowed a maximum of 40 dispensaries statewide, and the commission had granted 38 licenses across eight zones in Arkansas. Six of those zones ended up with five dispensaries, but Zone 6 – including Garland County – and southwest Arkansas’ Zone 8 wound up with only four each.

Commission Chairman James Miller has moved to add a dispensary in each of the two zones for a year or more, arguing that such a move would “level the playing field” and complete the long build-out of the highly regulated Arkansas medical marijuana industry by handing out the last of 48 possible cultivation and dispensary licenses.

The rule change allowed the commission to consider runner-up dispensary applications that had expired on the long road to 40 outlets. “The applications that were submitted in

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