Lil Baby and James Harden Stopped for Cannabis Possession

Lil Baby, aka Dominique Jones, is making headlines along with James Harden, NBA icon of Brooklyn Nets fame, for being stopped by police in Paris for cannabis possession. 

Reportedly, Harden, as well as several other men, were surrounded by police during a search on Avenue Montaigne. During the intense and police-riden search, which is now being circled and shared on social media, Harden can be heard saying he doesn’t understand what’s happening.

Footage from the arrest reveals an officer holding a vaping device, but it’s not clear from the information out there whom the device belongs to, or whether it contained cannabis or tobacco. 

Famed rapper Lil Baby was also arrested, and can be seen in the footage seated in a police van and handcuffed. He was apparently among three people arrested for a cannabis-related charge. The vehicle the men were in was apparently pulled over and searched because the officers smelled cannabis, and they allegedly discovered 20 grams of marijuana upon their search. 

TMZ tried to contact the Paris Police Department, who responded saying only that the incident is an active investigation. Sources close to Harden revealed, however, that he did not break any laws and was allowed to go about his day

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