Los Angeles County Seizes Illegal Marijuana Worth $1.2 Billion

Officials in Los Angeles County announced the most recent data for one illegal marijuana seizure operation, the findings of which rank up to $1.2 billion in value.

In a news conference on July 7, Sheriff Alex Villanueva elaborated on the details of a recent seizure conducted by his department. A 10-day operation in the Mojave Desert led to the seizure of 373,000 plants, and 33,480 pounds of illegal marijuana, which the department valued at approximately $1.2 billion.

According to The Associated Press, the location was home to illegal marijuana farms with connections to drug cartels.

Apparently, it was the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s largest operation in its history. The department’s second largest operation included the investigation of 70 greenhouses and the seizure of $50 million in cannabis. Villanueva also noted that last year, the department suspected about 150 illegal grow sites in Antelope Valley, but the number has increased to about 500 as of this year. “There were some people very, very busy during the pandemic,” Villanueva told the Valley Post News.

Many Illegal Marijuana Operations Were Spotted By Air

Representative Mike Garcia, who represents the 25th Congressional District where the seizure took place, spoke about how easy it was to find illegal grows while

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