Male Plants: Can They Get You High?

It’s one of the most commonly asked questions in cannabis circles worldwide. Not to mention, a highly disputed argument that generates all manner of wild and wacky claims.

The question being – what does science tell us about male cannabis plants? More specifically, is it possible to get high by smoking in any of the various parts and components of a male pot plant?

Male Vs Female Cannabis

There are two basic types of cannabis plants – male and female. That’s excluding hermaphrodite plants, which we’ll be leaving out of the equation for now. As you’ll know, it’s the female of the species that produces the more potent components than their male counterparts. Specifically, female plants produce THC in much more generous quantities. By contrast, male plants are viewed as no less than a nuisance by anyone not attempting to cross-pollinate different strains.

As for the basic science of it, a male cannabis plant cannot produce the pollen it requires to produce seeds. They rely on the close proximity of female plants, though can ultimately stop them in their tracks with regard to THC and bud-production.

Hence, they’re almost always removed from the equation and destroyed just as soon

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