Marijuana advocates spar with Delaware medicinal facilities over legalization – WHYY

Recreational marijuana advocates in Delaware are sparring with medical marijuana companies about which path is best for achieving cannabis legalization in the state.

Owners of medical cannabis dispensaries say they support legalizing recreational marijuana for adults. But they argue that the legislation that would make it happen could drive them out of business. Now they’re asking lawmakers to adjust the text of the bill.

But advocates of the legislation say that’s simply not true. They argue medical cannabis companies only care about making big bucks — not about their patients. Some medical marijuana patients in Delaware say they’re disappointed in their dispensaries’ stance on the legislation — and that they will only patronize those that support the legislation.

“It told me that they were not in it for the patient. They were in it for the money,” said Mike, a medical marijuana card holder who asked for his last name not to be used.

“I’ve basically washed my hands of the dispensaries because they want to play this game. I will support the private florist [instead] … Your medicinal dispensaries that you created and allowed

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