Maryland Professor Aims to Roll Out Medical Marijuana Certificate Program

It all started with a single college course.

“It is ‘BPA 227 — Entrepreneurial Opportunity in Expanding Markets: Cannabis Legalization,” Shad Ewart, chair of the Department of Business Management at Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland, tells High Times. “That is a mouthful, but that was part of the compromise. I had wanted the title to be ‘Ganjaprenuership.’”

Ewart is referring to the standalone course he currently teaches at Anne Arundel. He first taught BPA 227 back in January 2015, largely as a response to the growing interest students had in cannabis and legalization.

“I was teaching a small business management course, and students were asking about legalization,” Ewart says. “It was becoming more of a hot topic in Colorado. They knew about what was going on in California, and they were talking about it a lot.”

One of Ewart’s former students, a licensed medical grower in California, visited his class as a guest speaker.

“I have never seen students as engaged as I saw them that day,” Ewart shares. “I literally left him there at the end of the class because I had to go teach another class. I walked back an hour and a half later, and instead

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