Medical Cannabis Adds Deep Inspiration To Hope Grows For Autism

WB: Erica, please tell me about yourself? What is your inspiration to our plant? I understand your son has been helped by the healing component of cannabis? Please tell me about this?

Erica Daniels=ED: I am an activist, entrepreneur, author, healthy cook, loud music lover, community educator and mother. After my son was diagnosed in 2007, my life changed and gained new purpose. Since, I have focused on research, education and advocacy of natural health treatments for autism.

Four years ago, my son, Leo, was struggling so with anxiety, OCD and epic meltdowns as a result of his symptoms associated with autism. He was suffering and unhappy almost every day and there was nothing I could do to help him. I considered residential treatment facilities because I could not help him or handle him. It was a very low time as a mother. Instead, I decided to try medical cannabis as a last resort. Within 30 days he went from having debilitating and self-injuring meltdowns 4-6 times a week to only one in 30 days and he was happy. Medical cannabis works for him.

– Read the entire article at Forbes.

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