Medical marijuana Dispensary of Watertown opens to public – Watertown Public Opinion

Those with a medical marijuana card can now buy cannabis at Watertown’s first dispensary.

The Dispensary of Watertown opened to the public on Tuesday, offering nine strains of medical marijuana.

Initiated Measure 26 was approved by South Dakota voters in November 2020, which legalized medical marijuana. The law requires cities to allow at least one medical marijuana dispensary. 

Watertown has a limit of three dispensaries within the city limits, and the businesses must pay a $25,000 licensing fee. Under state law, the licenses are nontransferable, and anyone can apply for a license so long as they do not have a violent felony on their record.

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Dispensary of Watertown is the first, but the city has received two other dispensary applications from Dakota Dispensaries and Lion’s Den Dispensary.

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