Medical Marijuana Recalled From Two Michigan Dispensaries Due to Failed Lab Tests

Girl Scout Cookies, Superman OG, Silver Haze, and Critical Kush are just some of more than a dozen medical cannabis strains Michigan regulators recalled from two dispensaries on Friday. Friday’s recalls are mandatory and require that dispensaries notify affected customers who may have purchased the contaminated strains. Lab test failures for mold, yeast, and other contaminants prompted the recalls, drawing attention to Michigan’s urgent need for more medical cannabis testing facilities and licensed cultivators.

Medical Cannabis Recalls Stem From Michigan’s Out of Sync Industry

Since 2016, Michigan’s marijuana laws have been undergoing some massive revision. The state legalized medical cannabis in 2008, but opted not to set up much in the way of regulatory or licensing frameworks. Patients and caregivers had to enroll in the program and get certifications. But with no licensed producers, cultivation, and production fell to patients and caregivers themselves.

That changed in 2016 when a coalition of conservative state lawmakers began passing legislation aimed at taxing, regulating and licensing the state’s medical cannabis program. But by then, an entire informal industry of unlicensed growers and distributors had emerged, along with dozens of unlicensed dispensaries. Realizing Michigan’s medical cannabis infrastructure could simply turn on a time and

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