Mississippi Hears Testimony About Legalizing Cannabis

This week, Mississippi held a meeting to talk about legalizing cannabis, and heard testimony from folks in other states who vouched for legalization. The testimony was brought before the Mississippi Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee. This is the second time they’ve met after the ruling back in May that voter-approved cannabis was void due to the initiative process. 

Additionally, some of the testimony came from two physicians in the state who urged that “guardrails” would be necessary if medical cannabis becomes a legal reality. They were concerned about products being available that have not been tested by the FDA, and products being available to children. 

On the other side of the spectrum, a cannabis advocate talked about Mississippi children who had seizures and wanted access to legal cannabis. These children, like many others in the country, have tried FDA-approved medicines with no good success. 

Meanwhile, a patient advocate told the stories of three Mississippi children who experience seizures and want to be able to access medical marijuana as a treatment. The advocate said they have tried FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs, and none have helped.

“I will tell you that if you move forward with legislation, make sure that you protect agriculture and rural land

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