Missouri Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Near Me in Missouri

Missouri Dispensaries wereare expected to start opening in August of 2020, to begin sell medical marijuana products to MO medcard holders. The MO Department of Health and Senior Services has issued 192 dispensary licenses in the state. These open cannabis stores will carry a selection of THC and CBD dispensary menu products to help qualified patients.

Missouri residents must have received your medical marijuana card from the state to be able to shop at open dispensary locations. To do this you must first visit with a certifying Marijuana Doctor in person or over your phone, tablet, or PC using Telemedicine to get certified.

With 192 dispensary locations in Missouri opening, there will be one nearby every time you search dispensary near me in any city. Recreational dispensaries in the Great State of Missouri will not be around any time soon as recreational weed did not make the cut.

When Will Missouri Dispensaries Open in 2020? – Read More Here

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Dispensaries Near Me

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What CBD and THC products will be available at dispensaries in Missouri?

Dispensaries in Missouri will stock many different types of cannabis strains, including numerous types of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids as well as High CBD strains. The CBD flower and products found at open dispensaries is different from what you can buy at CBD retail stores or from Online CBD retailers. One is cannabis based, one is made from Hemp.

Marijuana menu products may be available in the forms of CBD Oils, THC Oils, edibles, topicals, vape cartridges, concentrates and tinctures. Dispensary locations usually stock an assortment of accessories including vaporizers, batteries and vape cleaner.

Patients and their registered caregivers will be able to buy four ounces of cannabis from their favorite dispensary each month. Many of Missouri cannabis stores will offer discounts and deals to stay competitive. If you do not want to visit a local dispensary near you, the option to grow your own up to six marijuana plants is available under Missouri Marijuana Laws.

MO Dispensary Directory by City

Missouri Dispensaries by Region Approved To Open

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Kansas City Region:

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North Missouri:

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110 thoughts on “Missouri Dispensaries”

  1. I think that Missouri should renew card for FREE SINCE THEY DID NOT provide the SERVICES OFFERED when purchasing and being approved by the marijuana doctor. Why should WE AS PATIENTS suffer in a renewal fee when services WERE NOT PROVIDED for us to use a card. I recieved my card in JANUARY 2020. It’s been 8 months….MISSOURI WANTS TO RIP off thier patients. ALL ABOUT CASH IN THE POLITICIANS POCKETS.

    1. frustrated card holder

      VOTE Gov. Parsons out of office, he’s from a generation that needs to go they have overstayed there welcome.

  2. I think that Missouri should renew card for FREE SINCE THEY DID NOT provide the SERVICES OFFERED when purchasing and being approved by the marijuana doctor. Why should WE AS PATIENTS suffer in a renewal fee when services WERE NOT PROVIDED for us to ut se a card. I recieved my card in JANUARY 2020. It’s been 8 months….MISSOURI WANTS TO RIP off thier patients. ALL ABOUT CASH IN THE POLITICIANS POCKETS.

  3. Naomi Nomichi

    A friend of mine recently got his medical card and indoor cultivation license and now , in the letter of the law, marijuana is his medication. He has debilitating illnesses that were qualifying conditions and was approved. He was upfront with his probation officer, and then she gave him a citation, denying that he was legally allowed access to medical marijuana or grow it and that doing so will be a violation of his probation. I have read that past convictions will not cause you to be denied a license, and there is nothing in the law stating that people on probation or parole are barred from obtaining their license. If this is the case, than there should be a question on the forms when applying asking if the patient is currently on probation or parole, correct? I am currently trying to help him figure out how to dispute and overturn the citation and be granted the liberty of having legal access to his medication.

    1. You state “his probation officer” – meaning actively serving time. He may not be in jail, but he is still serving time, even if only probation. Persons actively under supervision can be “violated” by their Probation/Parole officer for using. Even if they have a card. The card is technically not a prescription, and therefore not protected.

      1. I have a friend that is going through the same exact thing medical marijuana is the only thing that works for him as well and he is on probation also and she’s doing the same thing to him so if you find a solution to this can you help me so I can let my friend know as well.

      2. Not true. Remember medical marijuana is still illegal in the eyes of federal government. My son is not able to use medical marijuana for his crohn’s. It’s not the states fault that he broke the law it’s his and he needs to pay the piper before getting a medical card.

        1. Where does it end tho. In Germany in the 30 and 40s it was illegal to house Jews but the government was wrong. I’m not saying that that compares to genocide. I’m saying what if salt or butter becomes illegal. It’s really not good for u either and you can even argue it’s more dangerous than weed. People really aren’t getting in wrecks bcuz of weed. I never got into a wreck on weed. I’m 37 yrs old. How many people die in drunk driving accidents every year. The law doesn’t always make sense. There’s no difference between being a degenerate and following leadership blindly.

    2. Andrew Schulte

      He has to abide by the conditions of his parole/probation regardless of being qualified for the medication and the licensing. It is a completely separate issue and in no way can the medical marijuana card or any decision from department of health and senior services get a P&P decision changed or overturned. When you get under their jurisdiction being under the influence of any drug regardless you legality is prohibited. That’s why P&P officers can drug test at will. He will have to serve his time clean or risk being violated and receiving full penalty that can be imposed by DOC. Worked there a number of years. Also the MMJ law states it gives no protections in this instance as well as others.

    3. Tevloescobar19

      Im currently on probation as well and i would think it doesnt really matter if you have the liscense as long as you dont physically tell them or get caught possessing or growinf anything i understand the want to be transparent and try to be honest about a prescription and medicine as they tell you to do and literally works with any other narcotic. Ive heard in some places they are more open to it as long as you are paying all your stuff and not failing drug tests for anything else recently or really even thc i would assume but if they think you have a problem with it or its one of the reasons you are not only on probation but also are staying on probation or in and out of jail because of failing UA for it then probably not going to qllow it there is still that thin li e in missouri where even though it is legal and prescribed its still your conditions of probation not to possess or use any drugs or alcohol and if they can stop you or send you to jail or whatever for having a beer or occaaional drink even though you might not even be an alcoholic or do it very often if they find you with it or you fail an alcohol test wich is in your system for roughly 84 hours ive heard through your urine i know it can be detected for few days either way those are both violations of your probation parole. Like im saying though as it continues to move foreward hopefully that line becomes less blurred and it becomes an acceptible thing but if its made known to be acceptible then everyone is going to start doing everything they possibly can and lying about stuff until they eventually pay a dr off or get them to believe them and prescribe it and eventually word gets out and then everyone on probation gets one somehow so they can get away with something legally or find a way to tap into the dispensaries to continue their criminal careers and start pushing stuff over to black market and ruining things for alot of people so i get it but either way what i would do and will do is just get mine and keep it on the low until i figure out that they are more acceptable and allow patients on paper to go ahead and do it or obviously your gonna have some officers that just dont care as long as your within your prescription qnd the law and not attracting attention to yourself and once you figure out who that is thats when you explain it or just wait until your completely done to smoke and even probably grow unless it is somewhere thats not in your residence as an extra room even though locked up they have the right too look basically anywhere in your home unless you have shared rooms with room mates even then i think they can look in room but cant go thru stuffof a room mates but DHSS to my understanding will not ve sharing qnyones personal info or who is doing what or is patient or growing or both so basically if you are within the law on there end and you dont accidentally get caught possessing any or growing anywhere on your own property that they can look through i would suggest if on your property have a secured outdoor building but if you dont ever tell them and its not in your system then they will not really have any idea your a license holder. The DHSS wont cooperate with them or anyone to my knowledge. The only problem now with him already telling them is now they do know and they will know what to be watching him for bc like i said if your 21 and they can send you to prison for accumulated violation or citations for drinking then it does say and you signed off on the fact you will not possess or use any drugs or alcohol again it is a very gray area right there bc technically they will call it a laws violation and as long as its not federal paper then state probation as long as legal in your state your technically not doing anything wrong in a sence but thats only gonna stay that way until someone has to defend themselves and does it successfully because they were within the law although i believe it even says you are not supposed use any narcotic even if prescribed unless directed otherwise or given permission but my defense if i was him would be thus fact you can go to the dentist have a tooth pulled and the dr sends you home with a prescription most people dont really ask alot of questions about what it is till at pharmacy and then you find out its vicodinwich your not supposed to be taking and you know that so you go to your po and ask them if its ok you just got tooth pulled or whatever most the time they will allow it ive been prescribed and allowed too take my suboxone the whole time ive been on paper but my point is if you just got that paper prescription and seen what it was so went and asked about if you could take it first then your doing nothing wrong at all you never picked them up so your not actually possessing them nor have you been able to take anything and if your urine is clean there would be no real reason for a citation that will ever hold up atleast you cant be decided for the paper the dentist gave you you never went to fill bc you wanted to ask your po first if ok. Its the same situation he never went in a dispensary yet bc none are open and as long as he hasnt started growing and they found anything or failed a UA for THC then im sure can be thrown out pretty easybut good luck its a tough thing to figure out and i hope everything becomes more black and white in that area soon but until then id just walk the line and atleast he already got his foot in the door for when he finishes probationso he can renew his cards a lil easier!! My question is yes past covictions are said not to matter only trouble after you have your card so if you get it on probation and then do get pulled over and on probation if they decide to take you to jail and revoke your probation for possessing then ultimately alot of times you go to prison or atleast have a new case and that would be trouble after obtaining your licenses. I wonder if they would just go ahead and take your card for that? If so thats gonna be a big issue and way too keep people in trouble for ever

  4. Kelley Mattox

    I have had my Medical weed license since Jan. When I got it, you had to just download your license. Now I am told that we have to have an actual card with barcode and photo on it.
    Does anyone know anything about this? Those of you who got you license after Jan, was it simply paper oris it actually a card?

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    1. We voted this in and pay way to much, then get slow rolled by incompetence and get told coronavirus. This is exactly what Republicans did in Arkansas also. Grow grow grow enjoy your freedom.

    2. frustrated card holder

      When I first heard Gov. Parsons say it’s not our first priority, what he really said was I don’t want to create new jobs, I don’t want to increase tax revenue, I want to keep the black market going . He was also telling us he is from a generation that simply needs to GO!! HEY, med card carriers!! Get to the polls and vote him out!! There’s enough of us to do just that.

  6. f%ck the government f%ck the local law, if you want it bad enough you will find it, besides the way things are going bad in the usa, marijane is the very least of the governments problems

    1. I was told when I got my card today, that we could get it in IL. This NOT legal, but word is, if you have your card, they won’t do anything.

      1. You are correct, since it is rec and med once you are over lines, law enforcement cannot ask where it came from asking as you have card for mo and all your legal amounts. Illinois has medical Mondays for mo patients

      2. I have gone to Illinois 4x. Yes, you can buy it there. Yes, it is illegal to bring it across state lines. No, it does not stop me from going there !!!!

      3. I just received my card and went to Illinois. I was told (when I got my card) that it was NOT legal to take out of IL, however if you have your card, the police are pretty cool about it (at least in the St. Louis area). What they did NOT tell me is that IL does NOT recognize MO Medical, so you have to buy as MO Recreational. What this means is, you can only purchase certain items in certain quantities at certain times of the day. I drove over an hour to find this out, but I did get a knowledgeable person who was able to match the product with my needs. You best buy is going to be the Vapes, in my opinion. The edibles are good however, they are very expensive for what you get. For people who need it for pain or sleep, you want Indigo mixes (Sativa mixes tend to be “energy” products). The final thing is you WILL be paying more because of IL Taxes. This stuff is not cheap any which way, but you do get what you pay for. Everything is measured, tested, the labels state how much THC/CBD, etc., is in the product. Anything you purchase is sealed in glass containers, etc., so your car will not smell, I would recommend obeying traffic laws and keeping your purchases in your trunk (you probably don’t want to sample it until you get home LOL). One other thing, go to the website of the dispensary you are going to visit and write down what it is you want or are interested in. The dispensary I went to did not have ANYTHING displayed, so its not quite like being in a candy shoppe.

        1. frustrated card holder

          You have to go to DENVER! They got there shit together. Been going since 2015. Prepare yourself to pay 4x the price here in Missouri.

      4. frustrated card holder

        Paranoid, how funny. Go to Denver, every dispensary parking lot has out of state license plates. You really think you’ll get pulled over just to get checked. If you get busted than your dumb ass did something to get pulled over and you deserve it. Go to Denver potheads and vote Parsons out of office!!

    2. Don’t be stupid you may wind up buying some bad shit that will mess you up for the rest of your life ,Buy from a reputable source!

      1. Medicine man is 100% legit. Not to mention lots of his products are higher qualities then some I’ve gotten at dispensaries. I’ve used him hed for real. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!!!!

        1. frustrated card holder

          Been to Medicine Man in Aurora Colorado, very average quality above average prices. Been to over 100 dispensaries the past 5 yrs, kinda know what I’m talking about. Go to Good Chemistry or Botanico be prepared for your jaw to drop to the FLOOR!! NO SHIT!!

  7. Was approved for my MMC because I have terminal cancer. Heard maybe I will be able to find a dispensary that is open by June 2020. Costs was $150. Your card should allow us to cover a year, from the date of actually purchasing your product, NOT THE DATE YOUR CARD WAS ISSUED! Hopefully, I can get some RSO before this cancer kills me!

    1. I have had my MMC going on my second year. And have not been able to use because dispenceries have not been open. I feel that we should not have to pay for MMC until they are open.

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  9. Shouldn’t medical marijuana be sold at pharmacies like other prescription medicines? The whole thing is a scam.

    1. frustrated card holder

      You’re an idiot, haven’t heard such a ridiculous notion, and your right the state of Missouri is going to scam the shit out you cardholders. Leave it to a bunch of hillbillies to fuck a good thing up.

  10. I have my marijuana card. I was wondering how $ money is it when the dispensaries come for my 4 ounces. And can I collect it all at once….

  11. What kind of ripoff the state of Missouri is playing on all who medically need some cannabis? Received my medical cannabis card and still not one dispensary anywhere in the state of misery here? I heard early to late spring, and just hope that prices are not comparable to Sickanoise! What is an old flower child supposed to do? Tired of waiting?

    1. Get ready to wait longer. I heard on the news tonight that it could be as late as the second half of 2020 before dispensaries will start being able to selling med. marijuana. The State is taking its time due to the length of time they took to approve licenses for cultivation and suppliers.

    2. Will we be reimbursed for the first 1/2 of 2020. Beings we paid for all year. And still not one place to go buy legal medical marijuana. Also, why is it that there are supposed to be spread out between all the Congressional districts in the state. Well take a good look at the map of locations of Dispensaries in Mo. If you notice, there is a big hole in the middle of the state without 1 Dispensary within miles. So happens, its Saline County of all places? Hhmmm? Maybe a bit of CORRUPTION GOING ON HERE OR WHAT? They’re has to be a Congressional district in Saline county, but yet not one listing of any in the entire County. I think that we should be able to grow this year for no cost. Simply because we in Mo. Have been ripped off illegally. So why not get it off the Street for cheaper. If it wasn’t for the black market. Our Dispensaries would have been full buy now. ” BULLSHIT!”

      1. I just spoke to the owner of a dispensary , they said it’s now pushed to the fall, I’m in constant pain, have RLS, AS, Neropathy (not related to diabetes) , degenerative disc , five herniated disc, fybromyalga, spinal stanosis , Nero nerve desise , blown nerve, I’ve had both feet, ankels knees, shoulders, neck , and left arm, broken ,torn nearly off , or impacted to point of surgery being nasacery , my body stay inflamed do to ALLERGIES to Ibuprophine, fyntonal , morphine, all inceds can’t take any anti emflamatory . I need to have the medicine very needed , also can’t take pain meds for same reason. I guess the government could care less unless your giving money to pharmacuticals corporations . I’m calling our governer Monday asking why ? If enough of us contact things will change !

    3. frustrated card holder

      Go to Denver!! Been going for 5 years, prices here are going to be even higher than the black market. An ounce here around 400 or higher, and so so quality. An ounce in Denver about 125 dollars and the best bud you will ever smoke.

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  14. Missouri as of yet—-no dispensaries. However if you have a Medical License for Marijuanna you can also apply for a visitors permit in Arkansas which is already open and selling products. The license is $50.00 for ONE MONTH and can be renewed. Apply through Arkansas Government cites. Not too hard to find..

      1. Thomas Clemens III

        illinois sells ditch weed at top dollar because they’re in a massive amount of debt. They’re gonna squeeze the pot train for all it’s worth, their medical is crap and recreational is worse. grow your own if you can, you can do it better yourself and it’s cheaper. Think about it, it’s nicknamed weed for a reason.

        1. Do you expect MO. do be different? MO. will have fewer taxes and more competition. There will be 9 dispensaries within 7 miles from my house.

          1. frustrated card holder

            Missouri will be worse, there are over 350 dispensaries in Denver alone. Hillbillies will and are going to fuck this up.

    1. First of the ark route is good but beware ! releaf is outrageous and it is not worth it .Watch the leafly website for the releaf center they run a daily special at $25 an eigth then put your order online thru leafly but you must go the same day or it will be gone. Oklahoma I bought a full round of 2 ounces of eith strains and most of it is generic seeds that are inferior and not worth a damn.How do i know i have been using this for 40 yrs. plus.
      right now ark is your best bet I recommend the source prices are between realf’s higer and cheaper than the others! but their quality is good find a strain that works best and keep plenty for yourself .Go buy a miron my pharma jar on e-bay.It has a humity gauge and temp keep your stash between 65% and 60%.It will last longer and serve you well.

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  16. Just hoping the state will stay on track and open in January. Keep hearing stories about how, now (November 2019) “Oh, maybe it will be by summer of 2020.” Great, so just when my card expires, the dispensaries will open? Was really hoping (still am) to get at least 6 months out of the 1-year card I got in July. Hard, too, as there’s no place that keeps a weekly or bi-monthly update of what’s happening with various locations in the state…..so I go to DuckDuckGo every few weeks and do some searching, trying to find news.

    There are places online where you can order, but they ARE out-of-state and mail order. Sorry for people who think they will not be able to afford it — yes, it’s going to be money, but not as much as some prescription drug prices. Hope those in need can find someone to work with as a grower for them, as suggested here.

    Looks like I’m the first to write in 6 months, so I imagine everyone has gotten the basic info they were asking for here. It’s all on the State Dept of Health site, except stuff like how to start a dispensary. You’ll be up against multi-state corporations already making millions in the industry other places, so if you haven’t already run a business, it’s not something you can just ask strangers online for “how do I do this” and then do it casually out of your house! If that’s the plan, better go take some business classes plus get business experience first.

    Good luck to all —- let’s hope MO stays on track and places start opening up in a couple of months.

    1. Get a temp card from Arkansas or Oklahoma. Arkansas is only $50 for a month but cheats you out of a week. Oklahoma is $100 for a month, but you get a full 30 days to use it. We just made our last trip to OK and have enough to last around 5 months. Edibles are a LOT better in Oklahoma, prices are about the same.

      1. Bullshit kid oklahoma grows generic bullshit i have been from the border to tulsa and it was generic clone bullshit that they don’t have a clue what they are doing! See you have to have some cbd in it to process the high or effect otherwise it scope of effectiveness is very limited!

  17. Im a Diabled paraplegic and I have Liver Cancer and I have extreme burning pain. My body is on Fire 24/7.

    Im trying to figure all this out. I have Medicare and Medicaid and everything I have read Insurance wont cover the card and wont cover Meds. My Disabilty check is 850.00 per month. How in the Heck are all the people on disabilty gonna be able to buy Meds at a Dispensary?? Most people on disibilty don make over 1,000.00 per month, actually the kids make more off Dads disibilty.

    I would like to find out how this i going to work, Im tired of haveing to get meds out of state. It makes me paranoid. Lol

    Thanks Dave

    1. I would try to find a “caregiver” near you. Maybe ask around to see if anyone’s looking for patients to grow for. I had great luck with a budtender in Michigan whose prices were super reasonable as long as she was your named caregiver. Good luck, I am having a very hard time finding anyone for myself. I got my cultivation card but obviously, that’s going to take a while to be of any help for me.

    2. Hey dave when you go to a dispensary do like i do i am in the disability thing too!I fisrt ask if they have hardship and then apply. Then i get for example a half ounce for $125 when it is on sale then I get my hardship 20% off.For example I bought an ounce at ACANZA dispensary in ark .I would up with an ounce for $200 that lasted for 2 months.The strain was Ghost og ever so wonderful for pain.Hope this helps bro!

    3. Theres alot of us who are disabled but get helluva alot more then 850 a mnth. I get 3300 a mnth. But had all work credits & high paying job at the time I was disabled. Like many others

  18. I live in PA looking to live back to MO, I have a TBI and am on medical Mmj here! I can’t transfer my medical card to MO! I’m trying to research info about info and getting nowhere on drs, when dispensaries will be open, from what I’m seeing it’s not as easy as it is here in PA! It has helped me so much with my sleeping, anxiety and so on, Have even been taken off some of my meds!
    I want to move home this summer but looks like it’s not going to happen yet because I’m on certain stain that help me sleep and one that helps me during the day! Anyone have any advice?

    1. Hey DJ, MO is so behind on medical marijuana dispensaries opening. But you can get your card for around 150.00 now. Just read stores may not open until late 2020. Close to 200 already have license and locations are listed. Hang in there, we are all waiting like you.

  19. Hey y’all Please help.. Lol… I am wanting own and operate a Dispencary.I am needing help being pointed in the right direction.Thank you in Advance

    1. I read that if you rent in MO most won’t rent to you when they find out you’re opening a dispensary. My advice would be to purchase property if you are able too.

    2. There will be 192 dispensaries in Mo and they are growing right now. Should see some flower by the end of May or before. No problem finding a doctor for a license. They will carry Thc,Cbd and other canibinoids in Sativa, Indica and many different hybrids. Just contact a doctor, get your license for Mo and you be ready to go.

  20. I’ve heard directly from reliable source MO has a year to implement all. This was very upsetting to me personally . Senior and social services won’t be ready to give out MmJ cards till this summer.The best i can do , is talk to my Specialists about being certified to be d patient. That letter is supposed to cover you by law , but not to grow it 6 plants as Patients until Official card . Nobody’s talking this but patients with severe chroninc pain Condition with no cure like myself , and I was a huge Advocate glad it passed ppl. Looks like we are still going to be forced to sit and wait at least another six months. It is an absolute tragedy that everyone knew there was a humoungous possiblity it would pass but nothing has been done to help the patients ! Waiting game , diseases don’t wait.

    1. Hi shannon I tried a cbd from dutchnaturalhealing.com and i now control my several diseases with it. I but 20 ml of the regular cbd abd reduce it with whatever i want i use about two and a half ounces with the oil and it last about six months ! Hope this helps

    2. I agree Shannon
      I have what Mayo Clinic calls occlusion disease I was born with it can be very painful i was hoping for to get off all the drugs at least a couple, my card expires next month I never got to use it. So if you can fight for all of us that can’t fight.
      Thank you
      God Bless

  21. hi this is TJ it is about time I have a very rare neurological disease (Syringomyelia ) I have smoked it over 30 year’s.Now I can buy what I need and it will be Legal,thank’s for the support.TJ God Bless.

      1. I paid $150 to the Dr. and $25 to the state for the permit last year. They are changing a few things this year.

    1. Im disabled and I have been growing for 15 years. Im a paraplegic and I have burning pain 24/7 and Opiates keep me awake. Medical Marijuana helps with Sleep, Pain, Stress, Appetite.

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