3Fifteen Primo Cannabis

3Fifteen Primo Cannabis Dispensary in St Louis

5501 Chippewa St
St Louis, MO 63109

Hours of Operation:

10am – 8pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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A St Louis 3Fifteen Primo Cannabis Dispensary located at 5501 Chippewa St is open to help Missouri marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

3Fifteen Primo Cannabis menu products in St Louis are available for MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

What People Are Saying

Drake McCain
Drake M.
18:33 24 Dec 21
The best neighborhood shop around. I feel at home every time I'm there
Landry Ragland
Landry R.
22:36 11 Dec 21
Friendly staff and a cool building, very spaceship (esque)
Fig Beebo
Fig B.
00:01 06 Nov 21
The day I got my license printed, I felt a migraine immediately starting. These tend to take me out of commission for hours on end, so I wanted to get home before driving became impossible. This dispensary is conveniently located near my home, so I made a last minute detour. Check-in was simple, verifying my ID & med card at the desk, then waiting to be escorted into the back.I admit, I didn't catch any names, as my head was beginning to turn against me at this point, but I explained the impending doom to the sweet gal who came to lead me in. She instantly had some suggestions for products that would relieve my migraine, was very thorough explaining the how & why of the choices offered. I added that I am prone to panic attacks & she was able to fine tune my options to a few that would help my head without triggering any anxiety.Checkout was smooth, the rewards program is a plus, everyone was friendly. I only wish I had been in a better state of mind for my first visit!I came home, started with the gummies that were advised, I'll be danged if my migraine didn't dissipate completely over the next hour or so! I ended up being able to have a relaxing, productive rest of my day & I owe it all to 3Fifteen Primo.read more
Leslie Marie Poole
Leslie Marie P.
18:58 31 Oct 21
My Favorite ❤ I am a patient, They are very friendly and helpful.
Jake Piotraschke
Jake P.
12:25 29 Oct 21
Are you overwhelmed by the amount of dispensaries that have recently opened within the Saint Louis area? I was too! Until I found 3Fifteen Primo Cannabis, I wasn't sure where to start my Medical Marijuana journey.Upon entering the facility I was greeted by an extremely polite gentleman (didn't catch his name) who had taken me through the check-in process very quickly. After waiting just a few minutes to enter the area which includes merchandise, Renee (a friendly Budtender), popped out to take me in to provide the full cannabis experience. A small but important detail I had mentioned to the Budtender was that I was on a strict budget due to the loss of income from the pandemic. Renee was very understanding of this and did not attempt to oversell (as most sales representatives would). This particular dispensary has some awesome deals on flower, wax, cartridges, edibles, and more! Not to spoil any surprises, but they also will sign you up for their rewards program to start building points in order to earn discounts and freebies.Hate when you're stuck in that awkward silent moment with employees? I know the feeling! Upon completing the check-out process, I was immediately greeted by a couple other employees. The Manager (Anna) and another Budtender (Micah) were very engaging in the conversation we were holding. From start to finish the process was very seamless as I had entered, explained what my symptoms were, chatted for a few minutes regarding the products sold, received recommendations, and proceeded to check-out. Efficiency at its finest!Overall, I would highly recommend this dispensary to friends and family that possess their MMJ card through the state. If you're looking for top quality products, services, and more, then you've come to the right place here at 3Fifteen Primo Cannabis.Tip: Parking lot is on the side of the building. Street parking available.Tip: Happy Hour is from 3:15pm-4:20pm everyday! (10% OFF)read more
Kellie Davis
Kellie D.
18:12 13 Oct 21
Great prices, excellent selection. They offer some strains in one gram size, which is perfect if you like to mix and match like I do, or try something new without committing to an eighth. The staff is super nice and helpful, always an enjoyable experience!read more
Matt S.
Matt S.
00:35 09 Sep 21
Friendly people and good prices! I’ll definitely be coming back!
A Schul
A S.
22:19 08 Sep 21
Unpretentious, discreet spot, with knowledgeable, personable staff. Decent stock and good prices.
Lori Kenkel
Lori K.
22:53 13 Aug 21
Yay! Soft opening day!Same products as valley park store plus they carry pre rolled blunts....yay
Ben bolanos
Ben B.
18:29 13 Aug 21
Best dispensary in St Louis
Teresa A
Teresa A
13:41 25 Jun 21
Excellent quality, super friendly staff, prices cant be beat. The variety is great, there are tons of different edibles and flower strains to choose from. My favorite dispensary in the area!read more
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