Missouri Dispensaries

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Missouri

Missouri Dispensaries will be opening soon to sell medical marijuana products after the MO Department of Health and Senior Services issues dispensary licenses in the state. These open cannabis stores will carry a selection of THC and CBD dispensary menu products to help qualified patients.

Missouri residents must have received your med card from the state to be able to shop at open dispensary locations. To do this you must first visit with a qualified physician near you to get certified.

An estimated 200 MO dispensaries are slated to open, so there will be at least one in or near every city. Recreational dispensaries in the Great State of Missouri will not be around any time soon as recreational weed did not make the cut.

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What CBD and THC products will be available at dispensaries in Missouri?

Dispensaries in Missouri will stock many different types of cannabis strains, including numerous types of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids as well as High CBD strains. The CBD flower and products found at open dispensaries is different from what you can buy at CBD retail stores everywhere in the state. One is cannabis based, one is made from Hemp. You can read up on the CBD differences here.

Marijuana menu products may be available in the forms of CBD Oils, THC Oils, edibles, topicals, vape cartridges, concentrates and tinctures. Dispensary locations usually stock an assortment of accessories including vaporizers, batteries and vape cleaner.

Patients and their registered caregivers will be able to buy four ounces of cannabis from their favorite dispensary each month. Many of Missouri cannabis stores will offer discounts and deals to stay competitive. If you do not want to visit a local dispensary near you, the option to grow up to six marijuana plants is available under Missouri Marijuana Laws.

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19 thoughts on “Missouri Dispensaries”

  1. Missouri as of yet—-no dispensaries. However if you have a Medical License for Marijuanna you can also apply for a visitors permit in Arkansas which is already open and selling products. The license is $50.00 for ONE MONTH and can be renewed. Apply through Arkansas Government cites. Not too hard to find..

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  3. Just hoping the state will stay on track and open in January. Keep hearing stories about how, now (November 2019) “Oh, maybe it will be by summer of 2020.” Great, so just when my card expires, the dispensaries will open? Was really hoping (still am) to get at least 6 months out of the 1-year card I got in July. Hard, too, as there’s no place that keeps a weekly or bi-monthly update of what’s happening with various locations in the state…..so I go to DuckDuckGo every few weeks and do some searching, trying to find news.

    There are places online where you can order, but they ARE out-of-state and mail order. Sorry for people who think they will not be able to afford it — yes, it’s going to be money, but not as much as some prescription drug prices. Hope those in need can find someone to work with as a grower for them, as suggested here.

    Looks like I’m the first to write in 6 months, so I imagine everyone has gotten the basic info they were asking for here. It’s all on the State Dept of Health site, except stuff like how to start a dispensary. You’ll be up against multi-state corporations already making millions in the industry other places, so if you haven’t already run a business, it’s not something you can just ask strangers online for “how do I do this” and then do it casually out of your house! If that’s the plan, better go take some business classes plus get business experience first.

    Good luck to all —- let’s hope MO stays on track and places start opening up in a couple of months.

  4. Im a Diabled paraplegic and I have Liver Cancer and I have extreme burning pain. My body is on Fire 24/7.

    Im trying to figure all this out. I have Medicare and Medicaid and everything I have read Insurance wont cover the card and wont cover Meds. My Disabilty check is 850.00 per month. How in the Heck are all the people on disabilty gonna be able to buy Meds at a Dispensary?? Most people on disibilty don make over 1,000.00 per month, actually the kids make more off Dads disibilty.

    I would like to find out how this i going to work, Im tired of haveing to get meds out of state. It makes me paranoid. Lol

    Thanks Dave

    1. I would try to find a “caregiver” near you. Maybe ask around to see if anyone’s looking for patients to grow for. I had great luck with a budtender in Michigan whose prices were super reasonable as long as she was your named caregiver. Good luck, I am having a very hard time finding anyone for myself. I got my cultivation card but obviously, that’s going to take a while to be of any help for me.

  5. I live in PA looking to live back to MO, I have a TBI and am on medical Mmj here! I can’t transfer my medical card to MO! I’m trying to research info about info and getting nowhere on drs, when dispensaries will be open, from what I’m seeing it’s not as easy as it is here in PA! It has helped me so much with my sleeping, anxiety and so on, Have even been taken off some of my meds!
    I want to move home this summer but looks like it’s not going to happen yet because I’m on certain stain that help me sleep and one that helps me during the day! Anyone have any advice?

  6. Hey y’all Please help.. Lol… I am wanting own and operate a Dispencary.I am needing help being pointed in the right direction.Thank you in Advance

    1. I read that if you rent in MO most won’t rent to you when they find out you’re opening a dispensary. My advice would be to purchase property if you are able too.

  7. I’ve heard directly from reliable source MO has a year to implement all. This was very upsetting to me personally . Senior and social services won’t be ready to give out MmJ cards till this summer.The best i can do , is talk to my Specialists about being certified to be d patient. That letter is supposed to cover you by law , but not to grow it 6 plants as Patients until Official card . Nobody’s talking this but patients with severe chroninc pain Condition with no cure like myself , and I was a huge Advocate glad it passed ppl. Looks like we are still going to be forced to sit and wait at least another six months. It is an absolute tragedy that everyone knew there was a humoungous possiblity it would pass but nothing has been done to help the patients ! Waiting game , diseases don’t wait.

  8. hi this is TJ it is about time I have a very rare neurological disease (Syringomyelia ) I have smoked it over 30 year’s.Now I can buy what I need and it will be Legal,thank’s for the support.TJ God Bless.

    1. Im disabled and I have been growing for 15 years. Im a paraplegic and I have burning pain 24/7 and Opiates keep me awake. Medical Marijuana helps with Sleep, Pain, Stress, Appetite.

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