BKind Dispensaries

BKind Dispensary in Imperial

1229 Main St
Imperial, MO 63052

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 9pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only

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BKind Dispensary in Imperial located at 1229 Main St is now open to help MO marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

BKind menu products are available for MMJ Patients near Imperial diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

BKind Imperial Products Menu

Any interactions with the live menu below, such as, but not limited to, product searches or order placing, take place directly with the menu provider. MODispensaries.com has no access to any personal data or transactional information when you are interacting with the menu.

What People Are Saying

Jim Randazzo
Jim R.
13:48 14 Oct 21
Absolutely great experience. Friendly and helpful staff make for a pleasant visit.Highly recommend this establishment.
Kevin Gettings (Morbid)
Kevin Gettings (.
15:17 06 Oct 21
BKind is a den of nepotism and villainy. They absolutely refuse to deal aside from their points program. I have never had a jar come out of this place that weighed properly and the customer service is generally lacking in detail and poor. I have visited every single dispensary in a 150 mile radius and there are much better options. For instance Swade, which will bundle an ounce of Illicit for 300 out the door.read more
As a Vietnam Era Vet, I appreciate the time the staff took to discuss the issues I was trying to resolve. They took the time to explain the differences between CBD and THC and we put a plan in place to work through options until I feel I'm where I want to be. Thanks Bkind. You're tops in my bookread more
Harry Miley
Harry M.
19:20 27 Aug 21
Great diverse selection in all categories...def go check this store out!
What an incredible experience! The People at the Imperial Store were knowledgeable and friendly, and their reward program can't be beat. If you have questions or want a huge selection to choose from, you have to check this place out!read more
scottie sindelar
scottie S.
15:16 25 Aug 21
As the cannabis industry evolves throughout Missouri, BKind Imperial & Concord has a vast inventory with a unique friendly small town dispensary feel. The options for patients doesn't seem to stop growing and I am always impressed with the knowledgeable staff who we now know each other on a first name basis.read more
Vicki Waltman
Vicki W.
21:41 22 Jun 21
Very nice place, staff was knowledgeable and friendly. I was in and out in about 10 minutes. I definitely will go back again!read more
Lucas Clemente
Lucas C.
17:34 10 Jun 21
This place is absolutely amazing. They greet you by name, they suggest things that are different but the same to your liking or interests. Everyone that works there especially the front desk lady are super nice and super cool I highly recommend this place to everyone. The products that are sold here are amazing. This place deserves 10 stars than 5.read more
Ronald Kruse
Ronald K.
19:44 03 Jun 21
Staff are a little standoffish but good products I suppose. Not a bad place to start but there are others I would say that are better.read more
Jeff Price
Jeff P.
02:35 28 May 21
Absolutely love the atmosphere and all the smiling faces. They are always happy to see me and I'm definitely happy to see them! Thank you Bkind staff for making all my visits memorable!read more
Teresa Hagedorn
Teresa H.
11:30 26 May 21
It was the first chance I had gotten to go into a dispensary with my brand new marijuana medical card. Bkind was very professional and knowledgeable and help me buy just the right product.read more
Cindy Henry
Cindy H.
20:09 22 May 21
Love the vibe and positive atmosphere. The staff make you feel welcome and are always very polite. As they also have a large variety for all medical needs!!!read more
Chelsea Whitacre
Chelsea W.
18:17 22 May 21
The staff was super friendly and helpful!! Quick getting me in and out and the product was 🔥I got the sour jack pre rollread more
Darrin Whaley
Darrin W.
21:18 08 May 21
Today was my first trip to BKind and it was awesome! Their professionalism is a breath of fresh air, they took the time to listen to my questions and had all the answers at the ready! Due to a helpful and knowledgeable fella I purchased even more than I had planned. BKind gives you everything you need to enjoy you buying experience! 😁read more
RJ Fisher
04:18 02 May 21
Dispensaries are like cannabis strains, each having their own distinct qualities, feel and effects. BKind is my hybrid of choice! The service is happy and uplifting, and the medical selection can knock me out! (Or pick me up, depending on what I’m needing at the time.) Great place, great people! BKind has been very kind to me, they are now my preferred medical cannabis provider. Like the other dispensaries open right now, some stock is limited, but they have been steadily increasing their selection and I am personally excited to see what’s to come. My posting and opinion are real, I am not an affiliate or employee of BKind. (Yet...someone let me know if they’re hiring!)read more
STLBatman Comedy (STLBatman)
STLBatman Comedy (.
23:16 01 May 21
Amazing prices, very informed and professional staff, amazing products! You have to go to where you'll have an experience to BKind to yourself!read more
Jackson Five
Jackson F.
14:00 21 Apr 21
The customer service was outstanding although I will be calling/emailing establishment today. I was there yesterday and weighed my product when I got home and it was 1g under. Not much but when your paying that much you’d expect to get it all. That’s also not really there fault. It was a flora farms packaging. Thus reflecting my review rate.read more
03:03 19 Apr 21
Friendly, helpful staff members and high quality product. Highly recommended.
Annabel Lee
Annabel L.
02:42 13 Apr 21
I just had my first experience with BKind and I am delighted. The atmosphere was relaxing and professional, the budtender knew exactly how to help me with something to treat Fibromyalgia, and the price was right! I am grateful to have you so close and you can be sure to see me again, probably weekly!read more
Angel Toliver
Angel T.
11:26 06 Apr 21
Sweet kind staff . Pretty cool spot
mark davenport
mark D.
05:35 04 Apr 21
I was impressed with my experience at BKind today. ALL MEMBERS of the staff were uber friendly and professional. I observed them helping 2 people. A noob that was really anxious, and another person that was a total karen who just walked in and started asking questions before the noob was even done talking... they handled the situation admirably without being rude or even curt. I 100% can say this place lives up to its name. I don't live in Jefferson County, but when I am this is the place I'll go for my medicine. I tried some of the Flora Farms products very clean and smooth. I do not like the ziplock bags Flora Farms uses all the flowers were squashed.read more
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